Fire, LED, & Juggling - Circus Artist

Drawing from an array of circus and movement-based theories to create “human kinetic sculptures”. Shamal is quite the entertainer and brings a unique element to the party with led juggling and fire bending. Showcasing an art of control and respect for one of the most dangerous yet creative forces in nature. Shamal has over 5 years of experience with fire and led entertainment. Performing choreographed routines at public events with various fire and dance troupes over time.

Notable Performances:

 Artscape, Nomadic, PEX Russian Variety Showcase, PEX flowcase, Frederick Circus - FrederickCounty Public Libraries, French Embassy Roving juggler, Art All Night (Washington D.C), PLF First Friday’s. Catharsis National Mall. Embassy of France (roving) 
 Art Soiree. Cirquesoria. Revolutionary Motion Burning Man Conclave, Pyrophilia


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