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Shamal is a first-generation American, from a Kurdish refugee family, who grew up in the Washington D.C metro area and received a B.S in mass communications from Towson University.

 A late bloomer, Shamal discovered a purpose, passion, and sense of healing behind the camera. Drawing from his education he approaches his work with the mind of a strategist with the eye of an artist. He loves connecting the dots, finding patterns, looking at life from a different perspective, and storytelling.

 Shamal also has a deep love for the circus arts and has trained in fire spinning and juggling. He believes the spatial and visual-based movements transfer very well to the camera and says “photography is just juggling with your eyes”. His fine artwork likes to play with duality. Finding and toeing the line between chaos and order. Expressing the mindfulness of being in the moment. Whether it is in the middle of a storm or embracing the calm waters, there is awe that comes with every breath.

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